Our company specializes in producing precision components for the aerospace industry but, we are open to other industries (Marine, Medical, Military, Automotive, etc...). We have 19 CNC lathes capable of producing parts up to 12" diameter. We also have a newer model Mazak 510C-2 CNC Mill with a 40" x 20" envelope. Our highly experienced deburring staff will ensure you receive your parts free of burrs and sharp edges.

          Since 1986, F&L machine Inc. has strived to exceed every customers request.

We are here to produce the highest quality machined products quickly, and efficiently. With strict Quality Control in place at all times, we ensure precision and repeatability. Our staff is well trained and follow a strict operator guideline.        

         We perform First article inspection reports, In process inspection reports, and Final inspection reports through out the machining process to establish a secure method of Quality Assurance.

Precise Machining

A Few Examples Of Our Products:

  • AS Family
  • MS Family
  • AN Family
  • NAS Family
  • Flanges
  • Sleeve Coupling 
  • Connector-Flange
  • Experimental Projects Always Welcome...

ISO 9001:2008  /  AS9001C

When Precision Matters

Quality Standards

In the Aerospace Industry, Quality, Delivery, and Traceability are everything. We understand this and strive to surpass the customers expectations in all aspects. We have an OASIS INSPECTION SYSTEM to allow us to check parts accurately and very quickly. We are AS9100C / ISO 9100:2008 Certified